Nexus Mods Todays New and Updated Skyrim Files

These are the most recent Skyrim┬ámods posted to Nexus, click on the title and a lightbox will open with Nexus inside it. To Close the box click outside the box. If you want to go to Nexus, just right click on a link and use “open in new tab”.

I made this mod especially for vampires because vampires are a race, if I had done it for non-vampire race would generate several problems. Why i restricted this mod for vampires *The player could have two werewolf transformations if he had the beast blood (the Hircine Ring already does it). *My mod would [...]
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This mod boosts the enchantments of the Armor of the Old Gods given to you by Madinok (pretty sure I misspelled it) by siding with the forsworn in the Cidna Mine quest, and also (hopefully) boosts the armor rating to be better than elven gilded. [...]
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This is Jade, she is an amazing follower that can be found in The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. [...]
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This would be my first attempt at a mod. But, it is simple and this only adds an item to a formlist included in another mod. I found that the Never Loot Function was not working for me thru the MCM menu. So this adds the item [...]
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