Nexus Mods Todays New and Updated Skyrim Files

These are the most recent Skyrim┬ámods posted to Nexus, click on the title and a lightbox will open with Nexus inside it. To Close the box click outside the box. If you want to go to Nexus, just right click on a link and use “open in new tab”.

[center][color=#e06666][size=4][b][url=][/url]DRAGONBORN IS REQUIRED[/b][/size][/color] [url=][img][/img][/url] [size=5][b]Skyrim version recommended to be or higher [b]Rieklings[/b] are small, [color=#9fc5e8]Goblin-like [/color]creatures that inhabit the island of [color=#6fa8dc]Solstheim[/color], usually inhabiting caves, ruins, and mountain peaks in small tribes. [youtube]X-7oxn67KXg[/youtube] Video by: [url=]DonProtein[/url] Chak Chak can be located in the [color=#6fa8dc]Glacial Cave [/color]within Solsthiem Custom Armor, UNPO body, and Custom Mace Unique Riekling [...]
Source: Updated Mods Nexus
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=#ff0000][size=5]Countess Elizabeth Follower[/size][/color][/font] [size=3][color=#ffff00]This mod adds the Countess Elizabeth to the Blue Palace in Solitude. This is really just for fun and is not to be taken all that seriously. Elizabeth uses vampire attacks and one-handed melee in combat. She comes equipped with an ebony dagger and radiant vampire [...]
Source: Updated Mods Nexus
Followers [...]
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